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The everlasting question! Whether it’s SPRING BREAK or a FAMILY REUNION or SENIOR TRIP or a SOLO ADVENTURE… It’s always the looming stress, PICKING THE DESTINATION! So, how do you pick? Well, here are some suggestions that may help!

1. PICK AN EVENT (Concert, Festival, Sporting Event…)

A great place to start would be researching your favorite Band’s summer tour, and picking a concert in another area. Or! Your fave sports team, and pick an away game to check out another stadium. Is there a festival you’ve always wanted to go to? Check this out, you can set your filters to the Country, time frame and number of days desired, and lists all the music festivals you could imagine. THE MUSIC FESTIVAL WIZARD. If one strikes your fancy, START THERE! You can plan an awesome adventure almost anywhere if you’re willing to get off the beaten path a bit.


When you hear the word VACATION do you envision road tripping in an RV? Laying on a white sand beach? Sleeping the day away and partying all night? Hiking, Biking. Canyoning, extreme adventuring?? Go with that…. If you’re in need of some serious R&R and seek solitude and peace and quiet, find a sweet little cabin on a lake! Does it come with a paddle boat and kayaks? BONUS. Do you need some “vibe” inspiration? Go to airbnb and in the “LOCATION” field click “I’m flexible”. You can check out some beachfront condos, cabins, farm stays, even the best OFF-THE-GRID rentals that will get you vacation dreaming right quick!


Most of us run a pretty tight ship, schedule wise. Still no problem. Even if you just have one free long weekend all summer, it’s still enough time to squeak in an adventure. Depending on your time frame, it may or not be an option to fly anywhere. So, determine how long you’re willing to spend driving. Let’s say no more than 4 hours… Look in that radius and start searching the options that await you!


Every time we go camping to a new campground, I note the campsite we loved MOST (the one with ocean view or the site with the stream running through). I also have a list of BUCKET LIST VACATION RENTALS I’d love to visit. These sites and rentals also happen to be very popular, and are often times booked solid. But! Every now and then when I look, and they happen to have a couple night availability, guess. what!? WE ARE GOING! It’s a great way to inspire even a longer stay, with days on either end, venturing to a fun surrounding area.

Check out my POST HERE for a list of VACATION RENTALS on my BUCKET LIST!


Why mess with something that’s not broken? Ask for friends’ itineraries of some of their past trips that sounded fabulous! Tweak it, or don’t! Every experience is different, so go and make it your own adventure!