Hi, I’m Janey. I’ve hiked in the Smoky Mountains, sailed the Whitsunday Islands, been chased by dingos on Frasier Island in Australia, been honorarily appointed “Nana Akua Danjki II” by a tribe of spirited citizens of Kwahu-Nteso, Ghana, spent a month of Tequila’d bliss in Troncones, Mexico, snowmobiled the backcountry in Whistler, BC, and got down on a steel drum with a native Islander in the Virgin Islands.

Then came kids… And a mortgage payment… And the onset of Arthritis… Oui!

Needless to say, LIFE has a way of changing, but my craving for travel hasn’t wavered. I landed myself a hubbie that loves to travel as much as I do, and we have 2 crazy kids who we’ve instilled in the love of adventure. We may not have months to go off-grid and explore 2nd and 3rd world wonders anymore, but we DO find adventure any opportunity we get!

We live in Southern California where there is, luckily, no shortage of amazing experiences within a 2 hour radius! My husband works as a cameraman/ DP in the film industry and has not only been able to work in many amazing locations, (which we’ve gone in tow…), but is able to take substantial time off between projects that allows ME to plan some pretty epic family adventures!

I launched The Family Jewell Adventures to showcase how feasible it is to be a busy, practically-minded family, with multiple kiddos (and a mortgage and maybe even arthritis too!), AND manage to squeeze in some epic and memorable adventures. I LOVE researching new areas and putting together itineraries, and I’m including ALL my knowledge and findings HERE…. So, whether you’re looking for a weekend adventure in Southern California, or an amazing international location to bring your family, you will hopefully find some practical advice to help put together an unforgettable experience! Thanks for stopping by!


Why you should Travel

(and not “vacation”)

That pesky “V” word…. There’s a difference, ya know. Between TRAVEL and VACATION. In my mind, vacation encompasses being served drinks by the pool, and taking long naps on the beach. Which, there is NOTHING wrong with. I just prefer to travel… I love immersing in the culture of a new area, meeting and interacting with as many locals as possible, and trying all things native to the area we are visiting. (Whilst also occasionally taking naps on the beach.)

I will be offering advice, and destination suggestions, to help YOU get the very most out of your travel experience with your family.